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About Charmaine (The Good One)

Everybody has psychic abilities, it is freely given. Our mind is not all our own,,, Our loved ones passed over talk to us and help us on our path. Anything negative is not them, it is the /Darkside telling you your problems, to make you sick. Given from the other side, are Music, everybody in the Entertainment Industry is psychic...Inventions, Books, Movies, acting, and help with Relationships to find true love, and your career, and Business...This is the secret side to success...Given freely.

I, Charmaine have books channeled by God, a Hydrogen Car, to pull off, Music, and many other businesses, all freely given to me. Ask you're Angels to make themselves known and they will.   Depending on your Teachings in life, and path. With my package comes a CD "Especially for you CD" It's about my Spiritual Courtship with an Entertainer, who helped me on my path, and dried my tears.

The New Age Bible, is my Story of what truly goes, on being a Psychic. Jealous psychics casting spells, Living in a Haunted House, for 25 yrs, a Hydrogen Car, and Music to pull off, and it also has my Teachings, and Readings, and how they panned out over the years.

You work out the Angels and God for yourself, through my life story and works. The New Age Bible tells you, it all.

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Clairvoyants Manual, channelled by God (Aliza)

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Protection From The Dark Side


The New Age Bible, The Story (2007 - 2014)


Haunted Houses, Getting Rid of Demons, Help the Possessed, Undoing Spells, Protection from Spells, What to say before you do a Reading to get to a Higher Level, How to get some body to Read you from a Distance, and still have Respect in tack. Warriors, How to Pray, How to make your Dreams Come true in Love and Career. Crystals. Meditation. Cleansing Tecniques for Home and Body. Ect Every Thing you need to Know to become a Great Medium (Psychic).

Package, Clairvoyant Manual and The New Age Bible, the Story both books as a package

Undoing Spells, and protection from Spells, The Possessed, How to Pray. Protection From Demons.

The New Age Bible
The Story (2018 -2023)

The New Age Bible The story.PNG

The New Age Bible, The Story (2014 - 2020)


How to win, Lottery Prize Winnings Karmically


Undoing Spells, and protection from Spells, The Possessed, How to Pray. Protection From Demons.

You work out God, his Angels and all those Psychics for your self through my life Story

This book, has a lot of my Teachings in it, and how to deal with your Angels if they are not treating you right....How to defend yourself? It someone wants to kill you? And, has a lot of Music

Also, the book has Readings, to an Entertainer that I have been Courting Spiritually for 30 yrs, up to 2020

If someone has done you wrong or owes you? This is how you take them Karmically to win Compensation and receive payments in Prize Winnings......This is how they all do it on the other side......? No prize winning is accidental......It is all owed to you for good deeds or someone owes you......? Channelled By God, Aliza.....

The Complete Guide To Spell Protection


Learn Spell protection techniques that clairvoyant psychic mediums use to ward against wrong doers and evil.

My Daily Prayers


The Basics of what you need to do each day to become successful in love and Business, and how to do Readings

Happy Home Mailer


You work out God, his Angels and all those Psychics for your self through my life Story

Mostly, about, how I tired to pull off the Hydrogen Car? And, Readings to a Musician, who I want to do my Music....that I receive Spiritually, from Elvis Presley...and others....?

This is an example of what you can receive spiritually

And you get help all the way...If at first you don't succeed keep trying.....Never give up

That's my Story

$10 a week, Part Printed, and Tablet,$15 week fully Printed
2 Years interest free

Added to the package, the Especially for you CD.

List of Song Click Here to Download.

The package, for the tablet, and partly printed $1000 And Printed $1500

Subscription of $90 monthly, to help pay for your websites and costs for those are serious about making an income each day from their email address

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Give Us our Smokes Back, you Bastards ?

Some Thing an't quite right, Fella

Tease Me

Dam, but she was so good looking

Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston

Sticky Beak of D’arcy Road

Womanly Child

Elvis Presley

The Burning Bush

ACDC Charmaine

Give it to me, baby. By Charmaine (Only)

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610 Darcy Road Carina Brisbane 4152


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