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This has been brought to you by Charmaine (The Good One) and the Happy Home Mailer

NO boss to work for

make a good  income just

15 minutes a day sending out emails from your inbox contacts

Sell your own books and CDs

Or maybe you have a business...

Free Advertising

No website

NO Advertising costs

I have set up the website, for you

And made sure you get your commissions for sales   40% of all sales

And $80 for sales of my book Package

People have become very wealthy with this setup

Do 15 minutes, a day sending your flyers, out, and you too could retire...


There is a trial period fee of $50 for one month

to make your Dreams come true, and fire your boss...

It does not pay to hold down a job

Tax to pay, child care, petrol, 

If you live in a Housing the rent goes up, to your income base

You are basically worse off holding down a job than working for yourself or staying home...


Take advantage of this system, and make a decent income with little effort, just 15 minutes a day

And no advertising costs, and no websites, it is all taken care of for you

All you pay is a monthly fee, after the first trial period of one month

Just add your contacts, to the office, save to a file, and download, it on your Contact form

You can add and send one email at a time to your contacts or they might go to the spam, junk files. 

Not multiple emails

I was a single mum with two children with no support from their father

I found I was worse off holding down a job, I could not pay my bills, and feed my children if I went to work

The housing office man, sat down with me, as I could not work out, what I had to pay out of my wage to the Rental...

Not well and under stress, I worked out myself, in front of the Housing officer, that I was worse off holding 

down a job

Also being on the pension, if I have a Relationship I lose my pension

I have been on my own all my life, and because of this

I now have the system, and now I can, have enough money to go out with my man which I did not have on the pension and I can have a man live with me, without the threat of having my income taken from me

I am 57 yrs old and have been on my own since 21 yrs old...I had no money working and no money on the pension

I could not afford a relationship, and I am not the type to make a man pay for me to take me out, and also

lose my pension if he moves in...I am not a prostitute


So all you single mothers I feel for you

And all those that work long hours every day going to work, and have no money spare, at the end of the week to go out, or spend on yourself

Promote your business, with this system

How I tried to pull off a Hydrogen car and gain a music contract...


Also what  saved my life, I was given a spiritual courtship with an Entertainer, he chased me for years

 on the dance floor, spiritually read my future, and encouraged me,  this is what saved my life, many times over,

 and made me what I am today

I've tried advertising on Google, and the newspapers, but I do not get my money's worth, it cost too much, to advertise

I make less than I pay for paid advertising


This system works, with hardly any costs,


You can send out my Celebrity booklets, to get potential clients to sign up, and give them you, 

their email address, offer them my free, celebrity booklets


Only $50 for one month trial period...What have you got to lose....within hours you could see the money roll in

only 15 minutes a day

Do something for yourself...Make an income, and if you have a business, well this is the way to go about cheap

 advertising costs

If you don't have a business, my books can make you an income, and people taking on the business from your contacts,

could make quite a substantial income   

You make 40% commission on all sales, including the monthly fees....   $80 from all book packages


Sign up today, for freedom...

It doesn't pay to work for someone else?   Take a step to finally set yourself free of financial stress


This has been brought to you by Charmaine The Good One, from  The Happy Home Mailer


Thanks for Subscription!

$90 monthly subscription to help pay for websites, and costs for those that are serious about making an income each day from their email contacts
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