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My Vision


Psychic Charmaine's  Vision

Robbie Williams and the Government

Let's fix the world debt together

By bringing Spirituality out in the open

with my life story and works

Elvis Presley and God, Aliza are my Teachers

And I have a Hydrogen Car to put off, and my books, and music etc to give

Love Interest

Is their a Relationship with Robbie Williams? And does he want to bring Spirituality out in the open? Let me know Robbie? You've been in my dreams regularly for 30 years? I've been courting an Entertainer for 30 yrs, but I don't know if he's coming forward or not? But I could do with your help? If you are interested in more than friendship may be that could be !!


My Healings

My healing for family And Clients


I did the Complete spell removal

Binding and bounding and cords around them their car and home

Checked for entities

Some had be placed in a mummies coffin and mummified with bandages all around

I removed them, un wrapped 

Bags over head

Concrete blocks on feet

Hands and feet tied

Tape over eyes, mouth.   Waist, chest, bottom

Heavy weights on legs

Time bombs on body, organs, mind, eyes

Water on bladder

Time bomb on bowls

Caps on head or bolts in head for depression or Alcohol and drugs

Glass in hand for Alcohol.  Removed

Baby's in womb for children

I aborted them

Basically you ask everything to be removed to clear

Time bombs.  Made to clear but sometimes check with Teachers

Cords , ask Arch Angel Michael to cut cords with his Golden Sward and brun the cords with White light to see clear


This only needs to be done or checked, now and again as it accumulate s


Every day I give my family cleansing, spell removal, remove negative spirits " Burger with the works" or a code you choose to kill them

I got from Elvis, cucumber for the eyes, it calms me down and gets rid of that awfully feeling

Surround them with White light from the Universe

Lemon and honey in their mind body and Organs

And I get my spiritual healers to heal them of all diseases and illnesses keyed in, and what ever else they can do?  I made sure they are paid each week, ongoing, which Aliza pays, but you may have to pay out of your own pocket?

Sometimes place crystals around the Spiritually

And I place everyone individually in A golden Pyramid for healings


House Clearing if needed

For the best in Spell Protection, and Healings, Daily      call me.

Healings for you and husband. $50 week
$1500. 6 months. Every day

Crystal Healing...

I also can. Cleanse, heal and tune in your crystals
$50. Week, $1500. Six months



I can teach you how to perform Spell Protection or spell removal.

These are the kind of spells that have been done to me and everyone should know how to protect themselves against Psychics that do the wrong thing.....
I know how to get rid of spells and only charge a small fee to clear them every day.

Listed below is the kind of "Spells" that Psychics do -

Haunted Houses
Negative Spirits around you
Destroy Relationships
Ruin your Career
Human combustion, throughout your body
Make sure you make no money
Your Rego, Tap Water, your tires, Your breaks. smashed car windows, Target for Police, centrelink , welfare, Tax evasion
Your wedding , Your hair products, your hairdresser, friends that use you, Have you read the opposite, Have Psychics that read you , read the opposite or the worst in you....Kill you or your animals by spells....Make you accident prone....
Make you have an accident in your car....
Everything you can think of.....
Everyone should be protected !

For the best in Spell Protection, call me.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: +61 738436419

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